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Defining what’s around the corner

The Next Normal virtual event leverages real-world insights from thought-leaders across multiple industry viewpoints. Experts from Nestle, Forrester, and DEG will look at what lies ahead for marketers and how they can stay ahead of the curve. Sessions focus on providing perspective and actionable strategies on topics ranging from shopping and commerce to communications and the customer experience.

Shar VanBoskirk at The Next Normal

How to Become a Customer-Obsessed Brand

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Shar VanBoskirk, Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester
Tony Toubia, Director of Relationship Marketing, DEG

Consumers expect brands to put their needs and wants first in every situation. Yet many brands are still falling behind in their ability to meet this expectation. DEG and Forrester share how brands can create a customer-centric marketing program that strengthens consumer relationships and drives business growth.

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DTC Solutions for Established Brands

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Orchid Bertelsen, Head of Digital Innovation, Nestle USA
Antonio Sciuto, Senior Vice President - Office of the CEO, Salesforce
John Stauffer, Managing Director of Strategic Planning and Channel Strategy, DEG

DTC isn’t only for the Allbirds of the world. Many established retailers and CPG brands are finding success in adopting DTC strategies. And now, it’s more valuable than ever. Nestle, Salesforce, and DEG will explore how brands can develop and optimize DTC strategies as part of a larger ecommerce solution.

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The Future of Shopping

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JR Linne, Global Director - Retail Industry Solutions, Salesforce
Jenn Horner, Associate Director of Retail and Consumer Goods, DEG

Digital has never had a larger impact on the shopping experience, but brick-and-mortar stores still play a crucial role. Salesforce and DEG dive into how customers are buying products, the behaviors driving purchases, and how brands must use their physical and digital presence to create a cohesive experience.

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Building Loyalty Beyond the Next Transaction

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Gina Fleck, Senior Director, Strategy & Insights, Merkle
Lisa Graves, Associate Director of Loyalty Strategy, DEG

Consumers have the power in their brand relationships and have set a high bar. To meet their needs, brands must look past the next purchase, connect on a human level, and align with their values to engender true loyalty. DEG and Merkle share strategies for leveraging emotional loyalty and building long-lasting relationships using more than points.

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Along with 1-hour, live sessions you can fit into your schedule, attendees will receive complimentary ebooks, presentation decks, and actionable tools. Please join us as we explore what lies ahead in the marketing evolution.

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