Empowering Your Users: Maximizing the Content Management Experience

Thank you for attending my session! Below you’ll find the code samples for making the demos in my session come to life. If you’re having trouble getting them to work in your solution, don’t hesitate to contact me. All of these are packaged up in the form of an open-source Sitecore Accelerator named Elision that was created at DEG. Just want one or two things? Feel free to copy the code for just the pieces you need into your project.

Elision’s Foundation Layer (contains all examples except fragments)

Elision’s Fragment Feature (To enable separate editing interface for siteframe)

Check out this blog post I wrote on the five ways to an improved Sitecore editing experience that touches on many of the topics in my presentation.

Code Samples from Talk Topics:

Custom Background Screen

Recommended Image Dimensions: 2560px x 1600px

Separate editing interface for siteframe

Please see above links related to the Fragment Feature. That will have both the NuGet packages you can install as well as the github project if you want to see a detailed implementation.

Hiding Fields along with Standard Fields

Config File to hook into getContentEditorFields pipeline

Pipeline Processor referenced in config file