The ROI of
Loyalty Engagement

Learn strategies and metrics for optimizing your loyalty program

The days of the one-size-fits-all loyalty model are over. In order to engage your best customers and keep them coming back, you need a strong program that aligns to your brand values and customers’ needs. In our new ebook, we share which metrics to focus on for your loyalty program, and how to use them to realize a greater ROI for your brand.

In this guide, you’ll learn:

    • How customer expectations are shifting brands’ approach to loyalty
    • What metrics to implement based on your business.
    • Why it is important to have a strong foundation for customer data.
    • Three strategies for optimizing your loyalty program to better engage customers.

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The Evolution of Loyalty

The battle for consumers’ attention and relevancy is stronger than ever, placing an increased focus on brands to not only complete a conversion, but also keep that new customer coming back again and again.

Brands have always understood that retaining an existing customer was cheaper and more valuable than obtaining a new customer. In fact, the average “loyal” customer spends 67% more in months 31-36 with a brand than in the first six months, according to conversion optimization brand Invesp. Brands have just been limited in their insights and technical abilities to capitalize on this strategy.

That’s all changing.

The days of a successful loyalty program consisting of the one size-fits-all model are over. This short-term, discount-based view on loyalty never truly engendered lasting relationships. Not to mention it left customers susceptible to the brand’s competitors swooping in with a better offer.

An abundance of customer data and advancements in marketing technology have allowed brands to up their sophistication, both in terms of the insights they are able to derive about their customers and how they are able to connect with those customers across touchpoints.

With this sophistication comes a need to enhance reporting in order to grow—and prove—ROI.

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