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Definitive Guide to Digital Agency RFP Success

Embarking on a search for the perfect digital marketing agency partner is nothing short of an adventure. And often one of the first steps along the journey is the development of a RFP. Love them or hate them, many brands continue to rely on RFPs as a critical component of the agency selection process.

However, we’ve found that the process is often fraught with peril. It’s easy for companies to fall into the trap of writing generic, cookie-cutter RFPs that elicit bland proposals. The skillful creation of the RFP will most certainly increase the quality of the responses you receive.

We’ve received and responded to countless RFPs over the years. Our guide will provide you with specifics on what an RFP is, when you need to issue one, and how to write it in order to elicit the best responses.

Conducting a successful RFP process is easy when you start with a great document. The better your RFP, the more thorough and thoughtful proposals you’ll receive from your agency participants.

Read our guide and download our RFP template to get your RFP process on the path to success.

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